How can you travel to The Game Fair?

How can you travel to the Game Fair? There are many ways to travel to the Game fair, beyond driving and public transportation an alternative way to travel is by chartered helicopter. Located in Warwickshire this festival focuses on the best of the British countryside. 


What is the Game Fair? 

The Game fair is a festival highlighting the best of the British Countryside. In 1958 a senior game adviser at the Game Research Station (AKA Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust) coined the idea of a national event. Allowing gamekeepers and landowners to gather and discuss topics around the sport of shooting and more. 


Once achieving the necessary permissions it was estimated that around 500 people would be interested in attending. Due to a large number of vehicles and people, Hall Farm was found to be the ideal location. 

Regardless of the downpour, the event saw that year, the events didn’t stop. It is estimated that by the end of the day, the final attendance for the event was over 8,000 and around 55 exhibitors took part. The first Game Fair was considered a success, and even now continues to be an event people look forwards to.

How do I get to the Game Fair? 


Over the years the location for the Game fair has changed, in most recent years Ragely Hall, in Warwickshire is the location for the 2022 Game Fair. Warwickshire is located in the heart of the UK and is best known for its rich history.  

If you decide against travelling via car and braving the M42, travelling to the Game Fair via charted helicopter is by far the fastest and most efficient way of travel. 


What can I do at the Game Fair?


There are many attractions at the Game Fair this year.

The Main Arena – This is where all the exciting events happen. From Terrier racing to Scurry Driving and Falconry displays. This is the place to be for a visual feast of what the countryside has to offer you. 

Gunmakers Row – This is where you can find amazing products for your shooting hobby. From new to nearly new shotguns and accessories, as well as the must-have clothing requirements for this sport. Whether you are starting out or a dab hand in this sport, Gunmakers Row is where you will find everything you need. 

The Enclosure – The best way to escape the crowds and discover what the Game Fair has to put on the table. Enjoy the culinary master Celebrity Chef James Martin, as he has provided the Game Fair with bespoke menus. From a variety of bronze, silver, gold, or platinum menu packages you are sure to find something to please your tastebuds.


Beyond fantastic shows, shopping, and mouth-watering menus there is so much more to see at The Game Fair. Visit the website to book your tickets now. 

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