Team Work and the Air Ambulance Service

The charity that Atlas Helicopters supports is the Air Ambulance Service. They perform a very valuable task and have been able to save many lives. This guest blog is written by Jo Payne, the service’s National Volunteering Manager.

Team work: not just a phrase, but essential at every level throughout the charity to ensure we achieve our collective goal of saving lives. It doesn’t matter whether it is volunteers at an event, staff behind the scenes, the fundraising team, or the operational crew; we are all dependent upon each other.

Air_Ambulance_OVER_WARWICK_ CASTLE_600

The same can be said on scene on our life saving missions too. Many times the crew will report back on how their mission has been a combined effort, working with Police, Fire and Ambulance services as well as Community Responders – all hoping to assist a patient in their hour of need on our HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) and with the Transfer Teams from the Paediatric Intensive Care Units across the country for our Children’s Air Ambulance.

With no subsidies from government the Air Ambulance needs all the help it can get, which is why you’ll meet fundraisers like Steve Orchard below in towns and cities of Hampshire.

Fundraiser Steve Orchard

Tackling Emergency Situations with Teamwork

Our pilots work with our crew on board to land on scene, in sometimes difficult areas. Each member of the crew looks out for hazards such as overhead cables, vehicles, animals and members of the public so ground assistance can be a great help.

I hear tales of when, despite the three tonne aircraft and its significant downwash looming over head, people will still try and skirt pass, or worse still stop their cars, just where we (the Royal we) want to land the helicopter.

Extra help on the ground can prevent this, meaning our crew can land more quickly and rush to the patient.

Our doctors will often be quoted for their gratitude to the extended efforts of our colleagues from across the emergency services and on occasions, members of the public for carrying out CPR; this alone can save lives and cannot be underestimated in its value. We then all become part of that chain of survival fighting to save a life.

Throughout the whole charity, we are all very proud of what we do, because we have that common goal. And we all work together to keep our three helicopters flying.

With nearly 15,000 missions to our credit, we will keep on working hard and working together to raise the money to achieve our aims. More information about the charity and ways to donate can be found on our website, .

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