Silverstone – The Home of British Motor Racing

The highlight of Atlas’ year is our VIP experience during the weekend of the British Grand Prix: fine dining mixed with high performance motor racing.

In is held at a great British racing institution: Silverstone, a historic track with a rich history, not only is it in the heart of the country but also firmly fixed in the hearts of every British motor racing fan.

Silverstone is a fast-flowing and technically challenging circuit which has seen much development and improvement over the last few years.

This track has been the site of many fantastic races since the first official FIA Formula One World Championship in 1950. Since then, nine different British drivers have passed the chequered flag in first place, totalling seventeen victories between them.

The Thrills of Silverstone

It is one of the fastest circuits on the calendar and never fails to deliver thrilling entertainment with an edge-of-your-seat spectacle during the heady heights of summer.

There have been so many great races at Silverstone, and it’s important that the track is maintained and included in the calendar so that many more wonderful British memories can be created there.

In particular, Mansell’s victories in 1991 and 1992 spring to mind – the former when his friend Ayrton Senna ran out of fuel on the power-down lap and he picked him up, driving him back to the pits on the side of his car; the latter when hundreds of fans poured onto the track itself in an outburst of unbridled joy and celebration following Mansell’s spectacular victory, for a British team, in a British car, at the track which defines British motor racing.

There are still a lot of British winners to be had, though Jensen Button has still not claimed the crown there. However watch this video of him doing a lap of the circuit to see how fast some of the corners are taken.

This year Lewis Hamilton will be looking to follow in the footsteps of Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart, David Coulthard and Nigel Mansell and win two in a row for his home country. All racing eyes will be firmly fixed on July 5th as the BGP is certain to be a terrific race.

Of course, it is not just Formula One which resides at this famous place. In 2014, it hosted a number of different championships, including the Motorcycle GP, FIA Endurance Series, the GP2, Formula 3 Euro, British Formula 3, the BTCC, and the British Superbike Championship.

The famed Hangar Straight has been home to hundreds of different vehicles across over half a century of motor racing, and there will hopefully be many more events to come.

Getting to Silverstone

The best way in to Silverstone? By helicopter of course. Improvements have been made to the notoriously congested road system but with our VIP package you’ll fly directly into the circuit, above all the queues and walk in to VIP terminal lounge where delicious food and drink are served to you prior to being whisked away by one of our Chauffeur driven courtesy vehicles to your designated Corporate Hospitality Venue within the circuit.

There are more details on this F1 VIP page and if you would like to read about how the whole weekend is run, including the heliport, which is the busiest heliport in the world during the Grand Prix, then you should read Alana’s bloghere.

Photo Credits

The picture from 1969 British Grand Prix P Courage Brabham BT26 is by Gerald Swan and the complete set of photos can be seen at the website

Nigel Mansell gives Ayrton Senna a lift back to the pits on the side-pod of his Williams FW14 can be found here.

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