Are these the best shooting locations in the UK?

The UK hunting is well and truly upon us.  We want to let you know about the best spots to take your shooting equipment this year.  Whether you are on the hunt for grouse, pheasant, deer or something a little more wild – we have you covered. So, are these the best shooting locations in the UK? We’ll let you decide…

Wemmergill, Co Durhum

If you’re on the hunt for grouse, Wemmergill may be one of the best locations for you.  Wemmergill, owned by Michael Cannon, is one of the world’s premier grouse moors.  The whole of Wemmergill covers 18,00 acres and crosses the county boundary from Cumbria into County Durham.  The estate itself boasts modern day moor management.

Islay Estate, Islay

If you are looking to go on a serious sporting trip, Islay Estate has everything you need.  It offers red deer and fallow deer stalking as well as walked-up and driven shooting of woodcock, pheasant and snipe over pointers. Islay’s red deer are one of the few remaining herds of pure red deer.  Over 50,000 acres of farmland, woods, moors, lochs and hills, never far from the sea, Islay Estates provide a memorable and unspoilt setting for a sporting holiday. The island’s other attractions include eight working distilleries, a famous links golf course, abundant bird life and beautiful sandy beaches.

Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds, Northwood

Set amongst 130 acres of stunning open countryside the Holland & Holland Shooting Grounds has provided world-class shooting tuition since 1939 and remains the premier destination to fire shotguns and rifles.  Despite lying within the ring of the M25, there is nothing but tranquillity, expertise, and quality for the visitor to the 130 acres of Holland & Holland in Northwood.

Slebech Estate, Pembrokeshire

Slebech Estate offers some of the best wild shooting you can find in the south of the UK.  The estate has snipe, woodcock and teal in abundance.  Nestled on the banks of the Eastern Cleddau River there are lots of different drives to challenge the most experienced of guns. From the ancient woodlands, marshes and reed beds, open countryside and rolling hills, the varying countryside and 14 drives available makes no two days the same.

Phoines, Highlands

Last but certainly not least, we have Phiones situated in the Highlands.  Favoured by the Duke of Northumberland, the highland estate is considered a mecca for shooting enthusiasts.  Phoines Estates is committed to providing the most challenging and fun shoot days in Britain and is known as one of the most exciting grouse moors in the UK.

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