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Helicopter Purchasing And Management

We offer a complete management solution for helicopter owners and those interested in purchasing one.

Atlas Helicopters has over 20 years in the industry, which means we can take you step by step from the initial purchase of the aircraft, through operation, maintenance and regulatory compliance.

There are many different aspects that helicopter owners face when purchasing an aircraft, from the initial search for the perfect aircraft, the actual purchase itself, right through to operating, maintenance and regulatory compliance once they own the helicopter.

For a free consultation please call 0125 663 5000 or fill in the form below.

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Helicopter Management

Flight Management and Maintenance

Atlas Helicopters’ friendly Operations Team is highly experienced in all aspects of the company’s operations and is attuned to your travel needs and requirements.  In order to retain your helicopters value, we recommend professional and regular maintenance.  When the time comes, our Operations Team has access to a plethora of suitable equivalent helicopter parts and tyres for when your own aircraft is grounded for maintenance to get it back up and running as quickly as possible. 

Ever-Changing Regulations

Due to constantly changing rules and regulatory systems, it is imperative that helicopter owners put their trust in a company that can easily adapt to the ever-changing aspects of the aviation industry.  

At Atlas Helicopters, we have highly qualified and professional staff with over 20 years of experience that can handle the complex task of managing the operation of a helicopter to Commercial Air Transport Standards.  Helicopter owners don’t have to worry about having a lack of knowledge about aviation matters, that’s why we are here!

Purchasing a New Helicopter

Agusta 109e

Atlas Helicopters are there for you every step of the way when purchasing a new helicopter.  We want every helicopter to be the perfect fit for its owner, so we go above and beyond to deliver a truly bespoke service, which will make a huge difference to the enjoyment of helicopter ownership.   

Right from the get-go, we will gather your requirements and make sure the initial stages of the order are correct to ensure the rest of the process runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible.  To all aircraft owners and potential aircraft owners, Atlas Helicopters offers its wealth of knowledge and experience to help get this key stage of the purchase correct.  Not only do we utilise our own experience and knowledge, but over the years we have developed first class relationships with major helicopter manufacturers which allows us to assist you through the involved process of the build, aircraft acceptance, registration and delivery. 

Purchasing a Used Helicopter

Agusta 109e

Purchasing a brand new helicopter can take a lot of time, particularly if it is being built for you. Whereas purchasing a used helicopter may often be more suitable for many of our clients.  Used helicopters for sale offer a viable alternative, depending on if a thorough survey is completed, project management is on hand to bring the airframe up to the standards of equipment fit required by the new owner and the helicopter is fit for its intended use.

At Atlas Helicopters, we have successfully sourced and project managed multiple used helicopter purchases, through importation, refit and re-registration.  Purchasing the right used aircraft at the right time for the right price can also lead to significant financial gain.  

As you might have already discovered, the process of purchasing, maintaining and operating a helicopter is not as simple as it seems.  When purchasing a helicopter, it is crucial that owners seek professional advice when they are interested in purchasing the helicopter.  Atlas Helicopters are here for you every step of the way and will offer discreet and impartial advice.  

Please contact our amazing Operations Team to discuss your requirements in further detail.  Call us on 01256 635000 or use the form below.

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Atlas Helicopters Accreditations
Atlas Helicopters Accreditations
Atlas Helicopters Accreditations
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