Ricciardo Breaks Mercedes Hold in Canadian Grand Prix

Daniel Ricciardo - Photo taken by Henry Mineur

Photo taken by Henry Mineur

Mercedes' season-long winning streak ended with a bang (literally!) at the Canadian GP last night. The thrilling race both started and finished with pieces of car strewn about the track, and Red Bull's Daniel Ricciardo finally came through after a series of strong races and took his first ever win.

After qualifying, the starting grid looked like Mercedes were going to have another good race; both their star drivers were in the top three. However, between Vettel managing to sneak in between them, and a Marussia disaster on the first lap in which Max Chilton and Jules Bianchi took each other out causing a safety car for the first eight laps of the race, their start was far from ideal.

And despite the superior engine power, the Mercedes cars continued to struggle, not showing the superb form they have had so far this season. Red Bull, on the other hand, and particularly Daniel Ricciardo stormed ahead – and once Hamilton retired due to a braking problem, the podium spots were there for the taking.

All the Way to the End

It was in the final two laps, though, when Felipe Massa who had had an excellent race until then, crashed into the back of Sergio Perez's Force India (in fourth and fifth position) and sent them both spinning violently off the track. Vettel had just overtaken and narrowly avoided the incident, which cemented him into third place for the final lap and past the chequered flag.

So, Mercedes' domination has come to an end. But can Red Bull continue to challenge them, Ricciardo spurred on by his newfound success and Vettel by his determination to seal his first win of 2014? Or will the red-hot rivalry between Hamilton and Rosberg push them to their limits, demonstrating the raw power of the superior Mercedes engines?

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