Five Reasons Why We Love The British Grand Prix

The F1 British Grand Prix 2022 will take place at Silverstone Circuit in Northamptonshire, England on Sunday July 3. Here are the five reasons why we love the British F1 Grand Prix.

It’s In England!

The British Grand Prix is one of the greatest car races in the world because it takes part in our homeland and around our home track! It’s always fun to fly over to Silverstone for the F1 British Grand Prix each year because it’s like a second home to us.

The very first Formula 1 World Championship race was held at Silverstone in 1950, and it has since hosted the British Grand Prix on 52 occasions, continuously since 1987. During that time, the track has changed a lot, but it has also witnessed some memorable events in its many guises.

The Drama

The F1 drivers really give it their all at F1 races. We love seeing F1 races go down to the wire like Hamilton vs Verstappen on many occasions in the 2021 season. It’s always great to see the F1 drivers pushing themselves to the limits of human ability! The track looks beautiful and there is something special about Silverstone that makes watching F1 there so different from any other race. It might be because of the purple heather covering the land, giving Silverstone Circuit a mystical look, especially when viewed from high above.

More Than Just Racing

F1 fans can look forward to F1 activities such as F1 show runs and F1 demos during F1 British GP 2016, this July! There’s plenty more going on at Silverstone Circuit besides just F1 practice laps and qualifying rounds, so do check it out if you’re attending F1 British track this year. We especially love F1 show runs and F1 demos – they truly bring the best of F1 racing right to the spectators! It’s a good way for fans to get up close with their favourite F1 drivers too! The campsite scene is also epic!

The History

Silverstone Circuit is steeped in F1 history. F1 cars have broken all sorts of F1 records at Silverstone – Ferrari’s 43 podium finishes and Lewis Hamilton’s 8 wins are just some examples of F1 greatness achieved there! Silverstone Circuit truly is an F1 drivers’ playground because long after long straights and sweeping corners, any driver can push themselves to their limits here!

The Weather

OK, saying we “enjoy” the British weather while racing at Silverstone might be a stretch, but it can make for exciting races. Recent years are a good illustration. 2018 was a scorching and dry race, 2017 was hazy and cooler, and 2016 saw rain ahead of the start that necessitated starting behind the Safety Car. All three tyre types were utilised as wets were replaced by intermediates, then slicks as no more rain fell on that occasion.

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