Prost Wins First ePrix in Miami

ePrix action on the streets of Miami

The title race for the inaugural Formula E season hotted up once more on the searing streets of Miami as Nicolas Prost, the French driver for e.dams Renault, became the fifth driver in five races to take the top spot on the podium.

The Championship is literally still all to play for and any driver could win, even though the competition has now passed the halfway point in the run-up to London.

Jean-Eric Vergne, fresh out of Formula One's Toro Rosso team last season and coming back from a disappointing result in the last ePrix, was gunning for victory as he pulled into first off the grid. Unfortunately for him, though, Brit and previous winner Sam Bird managed to overtake in a pretty standard but well-executed maneouvre on lap 19.

Sadly for Bird, though, his Virgin car began to lose power shortly afterwards and he dropped through the ranks to ninth position by the end of the race, struggling to push a failing car over the line. Vergne was unable to maintain his strong start after being overtaken though, and following the pit stops dropped down into fourth position before retiring from the race altogether.

After the various pit stops, the three front runners were winner Prost, Daniel Abt and Brazilian Lucas di Grassi. Surprisingly, though, Scott Speed for Andretti managed to push through into the podium spots, passing di Grassi and then muscling Daniel Abt out of the way to claim second place behind Prost. Speed remains the only American in the tournament.

First Time With No Safety Car

The remainder of the race was fairly tame after Abt was overtaken, with Prost controlling the field to the finish. This was the first ever ePrix in history without a safety car, which made for an exciting race without the drama and disappointment that results from an incident, but including all the strategy and intrigue of a real team sport.

Nicolas Prost on the podium for e.dams Renault

Prost's masterful timing on his pit stop allowed his team to push through and the Frenchman to claim his first win in Formula E so far.

This is all in the build-up to the final race in London in June, which has now been confirmed on the streets of Battersea.

With the championship still completely open and only a seven-point gap between current leader Prost and di Grassi, and a further eight between di Grassi and Sam Bird, there is still everything to play for and the anticipation is running high.

Stay tuned for the last four race of this maiden Formula E season and the tense build up to its inevitable and tumultuous climax in London.

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