Lewis Hamilton’s First Helicopter Flight to the British Grand Prix

After an unfortunate start to the season, Lewis Hamilton looks set to become unstoppable in 2014, winning both the Malaysian and Bahrain Grand Prix.

Every time we see him race we’re taken back to the day he flew with Atlas Helicopters for the first time to Silverstone.

Lewis Hamilton first British Grand Prix helicopter flight

It was in 2008 and back then Lewis was heavily hyped and eager to prove he wasn’t just a flash in the pan. But he also had the time to greet his fans and before he went to the track we flew him to the Daytona Go Kart Centre in Milton Keynes in one of our luxury helicopters.

As you probably know Lewis grew up on the go-kart track, where he learnt his racing skills and developed his friendly rivalry with current F1 team-mate Nico Rosberg.

This visit in 2008 gave him a chance to meet and greet the next generation of race drivers and jump back in the go-kart for a few laps around the track. As you will see in the video it’s co-pilot who helps Lewis out of the Squirrel.

After the demonstration, we took Lewis directly on to the Silverstone Circuit for that year’s British Grand Prix. It was the first time he had landed at Silverstone as an F1 driver and flying Lewis around was a real pleasure.

We flew in the AS355 Twin Squirrel and I remember him being very interested in the engine of the helicopter – we even lifted the cowling off so he could have a closer look!

The race saw him finish first and jump into a joint lead position on the Driver’s Championship with Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen. Hopefully the relaxing flight to the circuit played some part in that success (we like to think)!

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