The Isle of Man TT

The Isle of Man TT is a motorcycle race that has been held on the Isle of Man since 1907. The race is considered to be one of the most dangerous in the world, and it is one of the most popular races on the MotoGP calendar. The track is made up of public roads, and there are no guard rails or other safety features. This makes the race very dangerous, and it has claimed the lives of many riders over the years.

Despite the danger, the Isle of Man TT is a very popular event. The course spans 37 miles, and it takes about two hours to complete. There are several different classes of motorcycles that compete in the race, and the fastest riders can reach speeds of over 200 mph.

The Isle of Man TT is a must-see event for motorcycle fans. The race is always exciting, and it is a chance to see the best riders in the world compete on one of the most dangerous courses in the world. If you are planning to attend the race, be sure to bring your camera – the sights and sounds of the Isle of Man TT are sure to leave a lasting impression.

What to expect

The event will begin on Sunday, May 29th and continue for seven days. The first week is filled with numerous practice sessions in the early evening. These are a fantastic way to figure out where you’ll be able to watch the races from. Practice week is also an excellent opportunity to get a taste of the TT before it gets too packed.

The race week is intense. Prepare for more emotion than you thought possible. If you aren’t a bike enthusiast, prepare to become one. After their first trip to the island, very few people leave without a newfound love of racing.

The best areas to watch are Gorse Lea, Glen Helen, and Blackfield. These are “sit in the hedge” locations without a doubt. Prepare yourself. If there is any major problem you could be stranded in one spot for up to 8 hours on the race day.

Fly to the 2022 Isle Of Man TT with Atlas Helicopters

One of the many benefits of traveling to the Isle of Man TT by helicopter is that you may select your own itinerary. You’ll be able to fly point-to-point, avoiding traffic jams, train delays, planned airline connections, rigid schedules, and crowded ferry crossings.

Arrive on time, without being delayed, to enjoy the atmosphere and really feel the excitement surrounding the competitors and major manufacturers. Watch in awe as the riders reach enormous speeds approaching 200 mph on this legendary track.

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