History of the Agusta 109 Helicopter

Here at Atlas, we’re very proud to be able to offer our new Agusta A109E to charter. This model features a spacious interior with 5 crème leather passenger seats. As it is also quieter than most helicopters there is no need to wear headsets and with two large rear windows you are guaranteed an excellent view.

Manufactured by British-Italian collaboration AgustaWestland, the 109 was initially designed in the late 1960s as a single-engine helicopter (then redesigned in 1969 to incorporate twin engines). The first commercial A109 model did not roll off the production line until 1975.

Despite a lengthy development period, the helicopter quickly became a success for light transport and then quickly developed into an essential tool for air ambulance and search-and-rescue services.

The Agusta 109 is Ideal for a Quick Flight


The A109 is definitely one of the world’s nippier helicopters. In 2008, an unmodified A109S Grand broke the round-the-world speed record, setting a time of 11 days, 7 hours and 2 minutes. And the A109S Grand holds the speed record from New York to Los Angeles.

Indirectly it’s had a moment of controversy when a fleet of them were sold to the Belgian armed forces. The resulting bribery scandal caused the NATO Secretary General Willy Claes to resign and be subsequently convicted. Variants of the aircraft have been used by many services such as the United States Coast Guard and police, search and rescue, and air ambulance operators around the world.

The picture by Ikiwaner shows a rescue helicopter type Agusta A109K2 leaving Mount Pilatus after recovering a patient in 2009.

Stats and Facts

The 109’s maximum speed is 177 mph, with a range of 599 miles and a service ceiling of 19,600 ft. We can take you directly to the centre of Paris in under an hour and a half from London Heliport.

The aircraft can take 6 passengers, five in the main cabin and one beside the pilot. Without any payload reduction the 109 can make Category “A” take-offs from elevated helipads. And for Class 1 performance helicopters it also complies with the European regulations.

We’re delighted to have this aircraft as part of the fleet and hope you get an opportunity to fly in it soon. To book a charter or discussing a special flight call our operations team on

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