Have a History Break and See Heritage from the Air

Leonardo da Vinci once remarked that ‘once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned upwards’. The irony is that once airborne, humans have a definite tendency to look back down again, in order to see the world in a perspective that only flight can give.

Viewing iconic, heritage landmarks from our history this way, reminds us of the momentous achievements of civilisation. It also inspires us to move forward and achieve even more.

The UK: Capital of Heritage

When it comes to heritage, very few countries can do it as well as Britain. A quick glance at sites such as Hampton Court Palace, The Tower of London or Stonehenge and the visitor numbers will tell you all you need to know.

Unfortunately, that can also be the problem; busloads of tourists dashing around while taking pictures tends to detract from the uniqueness of such places and can diminish much of the romance.

Nanteos Mansion in Wales

While there is no substitute for getting up close, an alternative option is to take to the skies.

Imagine how much better Hadrian’s Wall would look from the air rather than viewed in segments from the ground. Consider how the Lake District or Blenheim Palace would appear when regarded in their entirety from above.

On the other hand, isolation is a draw in itself.

Historic Nanteos Mansion near Aberystwyth provides a perfect spot for enjoying the serene green desert of the Cambrian Mountains where you will share the skies with Wales’ iconic raptor, the Red Kite.

Imagine yourself flying in across the wilderness and landing in the middle of history.

Have a Holiday in History

Langley Castle in Northumbria

Nanteos Mansion actually represents something else Britain does remarkably well; hospitality. Luxury Historic Hotels, such as these from British History Breaks, therefore, represent the best of British and provide the ideal locations for seeing the main draws outside of the Capital.

Langley Castle in Northumbria offers the perfect setting for exploring Hadrian’s Wall, itself being an ancient castle.

The world famous Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath offers the opportunity to explore the magnificent English countryside of the Cotswolds from the air while providing easy access to the historic city of Bath in the evening.

Blairquhan Castle in Scotland

Explore the Robert Burns countryside of Ayrshire from Blairquhan Castle, a castle amongst hunting estates that was built from the wealth from a banking empire.

Alternatively, Dalhousie Castle outside Edinburgh provides an iconic gateway to Scotland’s magnificent Golf coast.

As ever, 2014 promises to be an exciting year for sport with Britain playing host to many events. Peckforton Castle is only a short helicopter ride from Golf’s Open championship in Hoylake. Alternatively, Stanford Hall could offer you your very own Downton Abbey experience while you await this summer’s Grand Prix at Silverstone.

If you are looking for that bespoke British experience in 2014, with all the history, romance and attention to detail that you expect, then a luxury historic hotel via helicopter could well be what you need.

This guest blog is by British History Breaks, who have Atlas Helicopters as their preferred partner for all clients wishing to travel by air between destinations or as part of tour.

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