Helicopters in TV Adverts

Helicopters in TV Adverts

Our recent participation in a photo shoot on No Man’s Land Fort had us thinking about TV adverts that featured helicopters, especially when we saw one of 2016’s Christmas adverts featuring Mrs. Claus making some special deliveries in her’s.

Our Operations Team came up with these suggestions and then thought we should have a quiz to see if anyone could name the six aircraft. We were swept away by your response, however there can only be one winner that was Ed Slade who receives an exclusive framed photograph. Congratulations to Ed, thanks to all that entered and good luck to everyone who takes part in our next competition. If you are curious, the answers have been added below.

The 2016 Christmas Quiz – Name the Helicopters

M&S – Mrs. Claus

Directed by Tom Hooper this advert sees Marks and Spencer add a new twist to Mrs. Claus’s role as she delivers Christmas cheer in her beautiful red R-DOLF…? A: Twin Squirrel

Miss Dior

Perfume adverts are another staple of Christmas television and this one also slips into the realm of fantasy with a beautiful woman deciding to abandon her wedding day for a life of bliss with a helicopter pilot! Whatever they put in that bottle is potent stuff! But what is she flying in? A: R 44

BT Smart Hub

If you suffer from vertigo this advert isn’t for you. To demonstrate the power of their wifi signal this hapless presenter grips a runner as the helicopter ascends into the sky above suburbia. However unlikely, it does demonstrate that if you want to get into the air quickly from any location, a helicopter is ideal the solution. But which aircraft is this? A: Twin Squirrel

Snickers / Mr. T

In an almost similar domestic situation as above, this advert has higher comedy levels with former A-Team member, Mr. T, berating a man for wimping out at the edge of a cold looking swimming pool. Mr. T’s use of chocolate snacks to make his point seems like a timely moment to remind you that complimentary in-flight catering is available on all flights, this includes champagne. What is Mr. T flying in? A: Bell UH-1 ‘Huey’

And from the archive…


This advert from 70’s could be responsible for fostering the desire to become a helicopter pilot, or even an estate agent, in many a young people’s hearts. Which helicopter was responsible for such flutters? A: Bell 206 Jetranger


This advert could win two awards. One for the most helicopters used in a commercial and the other for a car that not many in the UK have heard of! However, this Australian company definitely knew how to grab your attention, but with what type of aircraft? A: Bell UH-1B ( N842M )

Aerial Photography

If you are interested in using our expert pilots for aerial photography please contact us. We have been involved in many aerial shoots, from following yachts during the Fastnet or Round the Island race through to flights over London or other locations.

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