Helicopter Service to the 2012 CLA Game Fair

Beat the traffic & Arrive in Style

The Country Land Owners Association has re-awarded Atlas Helicopters the contract for supply of its helicopter operations in 2012.

The Committee and Directors of the CLA Game Fair have yet again re-awarded Atlas Helicopters Ltd the contract for supply of helicopter services during its 2012 event at Belvoir Castle, Leicestershire, 20th – 22nd July. Atlas Helicopters, now in its 9th year with year with the CLA Game Fair, is delighted to once again be working with such a prestigious event.

Atlas Helicopters will be providing the following services –

Helicopter Park & Fly Service

Eye in the Sky

Heliport Management for visiting helicopters

Pleasure Flights around the event

Park & Fly Service:-

Helicopter Service to the 2012 CLA Game Fair: Beat the traffic & Arrive in Style

Fed up with queues?

Worried about where to leave your car?

Need to get there and back quickly and effortlessly?

Fancy arriving in style at a time of your choosing?

Atlas Helicopters have the answer – Fly to the Game Fair by helicopter.

Atlas Helicopters are offering a helicopter shuttle service from sites near Nottingham and Grantham directly into the CLA Game Fir Heliport, ensuring there is no delays, in or out, affecting the enjoyment of your day.

Free on-site parking at both venues and a stress-free journey to Belvoir Castle

Prices are:-

Nottingham Tollerton Airfield:-       £130 per person for a return flight!

Stoke Rochford Hall:-       £105 per person for a returflight

Atlas Helicopters can be contacted on : 0800 328 0432 for further information.

CLA Game Fair ‘Eye in the Sky’

Ensuring everyone visiting the 2012 CLA Game Fair has efficient access to the road connections to and from Belvoir Castle, the CLA Game is again providing its very useful ‘Eye in the Sky’ Service. The use of a helicopter equipped with an HD Camera system capable of transmitting live streaming pictures straight to the control room at Belvoir Castle is essential in ensuring the traffic flows smoothly in and out of the event. With some 50,000 cars expected over the 3-day event, traffic management is essential.

At the first sign of any problem, traffic officers can be dispatched to traffic problems and the issue quickly resolved.

Belvoir Castle Heliport

Such a prestigious event attracts people from all parts of the Country. With some, travelling to and from the event quickly and effortlessly is important. To this end, Atlas Helicopters will not only be providing its own helicopter charter and helicopter shuttle service but is also welcoming other helicopters into the event.

Back in 2009, when the CLA Game Fair was last at Belvoir Castle, Atlas Helicopters handled some 54 helicopter landings on behalf of other operators. Atlas Helicopters hope for something similar in 2012.

Fuel and fire cover is readily available and specific radio frequency will be in use. Transport to and from the event is available from the heliport and is included within the landing fees.

Pleasure Flights

Atlas Helicopters will be providing helicopter pleasure flights around the magnificent Belvoir Castle. View the castle in all its splendour.

The flight time is 5-minutes approximately and seats are sold on an individual basis:-

£30 per adult per seat

£25 per child per seat

All of the information pertaining to the 2012 CLA Game Fair can be found at:-

www.clagamefair.co.uk or www.atlashelicopters.co.uk/clagamefair.html

For Bookings:-

[email protected]

0800 3280 432





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