Helicopter Photoshoot on No Man’s Land Fort

For a photo shoot, nothing says luxury or adventure more than having a helicopter in the background so we were delighted to be asked to provide an aircraft for a scene on No Man’s Land Fort.

For regular visitors to (or over) the south coast near Portsmouth, Southsea and the Isle of Wight, the Palmerston Forts are a striking sight dotted around the Solent, so it is always a pleasure to visit them in person. Below are some photographs from our approach and ‘on deck’ while we waited to depart.

No Man's Land Fort
No Man's Land Fort

Luxury Living at Sea

One of four former sea defences it is now a luxurious hotel in the mouth of the Solent, off the Isle of Wight. It is accessible by boat, however, some people would rather fly by helicopter.

Having said that, there are technical restrictions that make it difficult for charter companies to fulfill all requests to this destination and therefore passenger numbers are limited. If you are interested please contact our Operations Team for more details.

No Man's Land Fort
No Man's Land Fort

The Palmerston Forts

Built as part of a series of coastal defences on land and at sea to protect Portsmouth Harbour, No Man’s Land Fort has three ‘sisters’: Spitbank Fort, St Helens Fort and Horse Sand Fort. Construction on them began in the early 1860’s and was completed around 25 years later.

Billed as “one of the UK’s most secluded and unique venues” the fort offers a variety of private and party options, but most of all that feeling of being away from everything. Only 2.2 km from the Isle of Wight it would be a 30-minute flight from London.

You can see more details about the fort here: Solent Forts

No Man's Land Fort

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