Helicopter or Private Jet to the Open?


Since placing an article regarding helicopter charter to The Open 2012, held at Lytham & St Annes in Lancashire, many clients have asked the question:

“Is it more feasible, quicker and cheaper to charter a jet as opposed to a helicopter to The Open”?

This is a valid question which I put to my Operations Team. Their initial response was “we don’t know but will find out”!

The answer finally comes down to the following figures:-

  1. Chartering a helicopter from Battersea Heliport ( SW11 ) to The Open for four (4) passengers and based on a day return will take approximately 1 hour 35 minutes at a cost of £5970.00 using a VIP Twin engine helicopter. This would reduce to £5300.00 + VAT from Biggin Hill Airport.
  2. Chartering a private jet from Biggin Hill Airport to Blackpool Airport and based on a day return will take approximately 1 hour with a total price of £4500.00 + VAT. There is then a 30-minute ground transfer each way to and from the Golf Course.
  3. Drive time from Central London to Lytham & St Annes is 4 hours 30 minutes each way compared to travelling by train which is 3 hours each way.

As you can see, when comparing such a journey between helicopter and private jet, there is actually little difference between the actual journey times. The advantage of helicopter charter is that we can of course land within the event itself and thereby alleviate the need for ground transportation. The jet hire is cheaper by some margin although there will be the added cost of chauffeur drive to and from the Open event.

The answer therefore to the original question is:-

“The helicopter is the better option of course”!

But I am biased!!!!

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