Helicopter Landing Sites in London

When you are flying in to London by helicopter, the main landing point is Battersea Heliport (or The Barclays London Heliport as it is now known).


You’ll find the heliport situated in the heart of London, close to Waterloo Station, on the south bank of the River Thames. It has Customs and Immigration plus quick access to the major hotels and tourist attractions the City has to offer.

But it isn’t the only place you can land in London, there are plenty of other places in town where you can alight and you may be surprised how many there are.

London Sporting Events by Helicopter

If you’re heading to a sporting event, both Wembley and Twickenham have landing places nearby where we can set down, and it is either a short walk or courtesy car journey to the venue.

So if you are coming to the capital for the Six Nations or a football cup final we can not only place you in the centre of the action but also whisk you away at the end of the day.


Business and Pleasure

If you’re flying into London for business, we can land close to the ExCel arena in the Docklands – ideal if you are entertaining clients at an exhibition and doing business in the East of London.

We also have a site on the Isle of Dogs if you are visiting Canary Wharf.

Once in London you don’t have to leave immediately. If you need a hotel, restaurant or see a show, the Atlas Helicopters Operations Team are able to organise any itinerary, book your entertainment and excel with their attention to detail.

The following day you can depart from Battersea Heliport and with Paris, Brussels and Manchester only 90 minutes away you are well placed with Atlas Helicopters to continue any business tour with the minimal amount of wasted travel time.

Call us today on 0125 663 5000 to arrange your flight into the capital.

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