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Helicopter Buying – A Bespoke Service

Having developed excellent relationships with the major helicopter manufacturers we can assist you through the involved processes of build, aircraft acceptance, registration and delivery.

Whether you want a new helicopter or one that is pre-owned, there are two twin-engine helicopters that make flying across the UK a really enjoyable experience.


Agusta A109S

Agusta A109S

Agusta A109S

  • 6 passengers
  • 130 knots
  • Pre-owned £2M – £3M


Airbus H135

Airbus H135

Airbus H135

  • 6-7 passengers
  • 155 knots
  • Pre-owned £2.5M – £3.5M

Arrange a free consultation with Captain Mike Burns on 0125 663 5000 or use the form below.

Purchasing a New Helicopter

Every helicopter is a bespoke product, specifically optimised to the customer’s needs.

Experience has shown that it can make a dramatic difference to the enjoyment of ownership if all these requirements are correctly anticipated and specified during the initial stages of the order.

Atlas Helicopters offers aircraft owners and potential aircraft owners, all the benefits of its experience and knowledge to help get this vital stage correct.

This is a meticulous process that involves a long lead time, so if your needs are more pressing you may consider a pre-owned aircraft.

Purchasing a Pre-Owned Helicopter

Atlas Helicopters has successfully sourced and project managed used helicopter acquisitions, through importation, refit and re-registration.

Pre-owned helicopters offer a viable alternative to new aircraft, provided a thorough survey is completed, project management is on hand to bring the airframe up to the standards of equipment fit required by the new owner and the helicopter is fit for its intended use.

Buying the correct used helicopter at the right time and right price can also lead to high-end gains.

The Benefits of our Service

The purchasing, maintaining and operating a helicopter is not a simple operation. It is important for owners to seek professional guidance when interested in helicopter ownership. We are here to help in the process, will only offer discreet and impartial advice, plus provide a bespoke management service that will ensure your investment brings many hours of pleasure.

To discuss your requirements in further detail, please contact Captain Mike Burns on 0125 663 5000 or use the form above.

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Atlas Helicopters Accreditations
Atlas Helicopters Accreditations
Atlas Helicopters Accreditations
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