Getting it Right for Goodwood Revival

Out of all the events we fly helicopter charters to, the one you want to dress up for is Goodwood Revival.

Ascot and Epsom might have their particular style codes, but when you step out of a helicopter at Goodwood, period costume is essential as it is like walking onto a film set.

As with last year, we like to bring you some expert guidance and this guest blog comes from Mia Woodford, who recently opened the Vintage Tack Room in Petworth, West Sussex.

The Devil is in the Detail

Buying vintage clothes is easy; there’s a plethora of real and virtual shops, from the eclectic independents to the giant ebay.

Getting the vintage look bang on is not so easy. Your dress or suit can form the starting point, but the hair and accessories must match it too.

That doesn’t mean to say they must derive from the same era in manufacturing terms.

Goodwood Outfit

Modern Vintage Clothing

‘Vintage’ men were a lot smaller than men today, with an average shoe size of 6, so your chances of fitting your 21st century size 11s into a pair of evening dress shoes or brogues are considerably smaller than modern day man's feet!

That’s when you can consider investing in what we call ‘new vintage’ – on the basis that everything vintage had to be new at some point!

Companies such as Loake, for example, make wonderful gents’ brogues following 1940s styles, and made to last.

The Vintage Tack Room, based 20 minutes from Goodwood in the market town of Petworth, West Sussex, and we supply both ‘new vintage’ and vintage outfits, specialising in the country life and sports.

Pictured is a wonderful outfit recently bought from our shop, that was originally worn at Glorious Goodwood in 1957; the suit, hat, brooch, handbag and shoes. It’s the complete package and looks divine.

So, if you want to look the part, here are our top tips for getting right

Goodwood Revival Outfit Tips

Goodwood Dress
  1. What suits you? What do you feel good in? No matter how good your outfit, if you're a curvy woman, the 20s look won't work so well – go 40's or 50’s instead

  2. Start with the dress and then accessorise from there. Do a checklist of everything – hair, make up, shoes, handbags.

  3. Get your hair done by a hairdresser – it's fun and will look so much more realistic. If possible go in the week before with a picture of your desired look.

  4. Should you hire or buy? Do you really want to spend £200 on a tea gown that you will never wear again? Contact us for for hiring options, details below.

Suggested Themes

With the anniversary of D-Day this year, 1940s dress will be prevalent, and is so glamorous. The Gatsby look is also predicted to be big this year at Goodwood and is a very easy look for men to do.

There are plenty of 'new' vintage Gatsby dresses to be had – Dolce & Gabbanna have a wonderful collection. The hunting/shooting party look is very easy, glamorous and timeless too.

Start Now

Our advice is "Start Now!" It can take a while to get the right outfit. If you’re pushed for time, we can fit you out vintage-style from top to toe.

E-mail us a picture of yourself together with your measurements as per this page and a bit about yourself – your favourite colours, era, films – anything you think will help us choose your perfect look – and we will put together a complete outfit for you.

The charge for this service is £50, but this will be deducted from any purchases you make from our recommendations.

The guest blog was by The Vintage Tack Room who have a whole section dedicated to the Goodwood Revival. You can visit their website or email Mia for more information about getting the right look for the fancy dress party of the year: [email protected]

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