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Frequently Asked Questions

When considering helicopter charter for the first time, it is sometimes quite daunting to pick up the telephone and not understand fully what you need or think you need to be asking for.

If you just want to know the price of a flight use this form for an instant estimate.

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Example prices

Wedding Flights

A wedding flight will typically cost a minimum of £800.00 + VAT for a short flight between two points. This is normally the minimum cost to be expected plus possible landing fees that may be charged.

Prom Flights

A Prom Flight will typically cost a minimum of £800.00 + VAT for a short flight between two points. This is usually the minimum cost to be expected plus any possible landing fees that may be charged.

1. Are there any additional costs to the charter quotation?

Our Operations Department will give you a fully inclusive price based on your charter request.

2. Can helicopters fly at night?

Yes. But for Public Transport purposes, only helicopters with two engines and fitted with an Autopilot system.

3. Can I make money from owning a helicopter?

It is very unlikely that purchasing a helicopter is a sound financial investment. It is unlikely you will receive a financial profit. We explain to clients that when purchasing a helicopter, the best any operator can do is to help offset the owner’s personal running costs. There is however a tax advantage to leasing it to an operator and letting them operate it and manage it on your behalf!!

4. Can we land the helicopter anywhere?

Any helicopter operator required two(2) things to be able to land at a designated site:-

i. The land owner’s permission

ii. The site must be of suitable dimensions and clear of obstructions to meet our specific helicopter performance criteria.

Our Ops department can assist in this matter.

5. Can weather be a problem?

Weather can pose a problem. Fog is the biggest problem making it impossible to land at a private site. However, subject to observing certain minima, we can fly an instrument approach into a suitable equipped airport which may be close by! Strong winds do not often prevent us from flying, however dependant upon where we are, we may have a problem starting or stopping the rotor blades (this is very uncommon however).

6. How many passengers do your helicopters carry?

This depends on which helicopter type you either wish to hire or you need to hire for a particular flight. Most modern turbine helicopters carry between 4 & 9 passengers however.

7. How much does it cost to buy a helicopter?

This depends upon many factors and your exact requirement and budget. A helicopter can be bought for as little as £250,000, but consequently you can also buy helicopters for £5m. Our Operations Director can guide you through the purchasing process and hopefully locate the correct helicopter type for your needs at the correct price.

8. How much does it cost to hire a helicopter?

Firstly, we only charge for flight time. There is no waiting charge. Additionally the final cost depends on several factors, including helicopter type, passenger numbers, the number of pilots you require, the route you wish to fly, time of year, time of day ( day or night ) and the costs of landing fees which can vary from free to £850 each!!

9. If purchasing a helicopter, can you lease it back?

We manage several helicopters belonging to Private Owners. When they are not being used by the owner, we operate them performing charter flights for other customers. The owner in return receives revenue from us, thus reducing his / her running costs.

10. When does helicopter flight become uneconomical?

This depends upon where you are flying. However, we suggest that a flight in a helicopter of more than 3-hours in any direction, makes it uneconomical and it is probably cheaper and quicker to hire a jet instead. Our Operations Department will advise accordingly and provide you with the most suitable option(s).

Quote Generator
or call +44(0)125 663 5000

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