Flying to Scotland for Hogmanay

With the end of 2012 fast approaching, countries around the world are making preparations to welcome in the New Year. Arguably, no other nation celebrates the start of the New Year quite like Scotland, so why not fly by helicopter, reduce your travelling times and see the celebrations for yourself?

Scotland’s Hogmanay celebrations encompass the traditional giving of ‘good luck’ gifts, stunning fireworks displays and partying through the wee small hours of January 1st.

Stonehaven Fireball Ceremony


One Hogmanay sight you can’t afford to miss is the custom of fireball swinging in Stonehaven.

Locals create 2 foot wide balls out of chicken fire and flammable materials (such as twigs and newspaper). These balls are attached to lengths of chain or wire. At the stroke of midnight the balls are set alight and the locals head off down the high street swinging the fireballs above their heads. Any fireballs still burning at the end of the ceremony are thrown into the harbour. This event regularly attracts a large crowd.

Edinburgh Torchlight Parade

Cities all over Scotland hold bonfires and torchlight processions at Hogmanay, with the biggest ceremony taking place in the capital city of Edinburgh.

Up to 25,000 people march down the street carrying flaming torches, following a group of Vikings dragging a longboat behind them. This longboat is set alight at the end of the parade. The tradition of carrying torches comes from the ancient tradition of wrapping animal hide around sticks and burning them to ward off evil spirits./p>

If you’re planning to visit friends and relatives in Scotland for Hogmanay, or you’d like to experience the festivities for yourself, Atlas Helicopters can arrange last minute private helicopter charter, allowing you to beat the queues and arrive in Scotland ready to party. You can even get into the mood of the celebrations with champagne served on board.

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