Flight Times Out Of London via Helicopter

A common query about helicopter travel is, ‘how long does it take?’ This is especially true if people are looking to fly out of London by Helicopter to other locations in the UK.

The length of your helicopter journey will vary depending on a number of factors, including the model of the helicopter you select to fly in, its top speed, your intended destination and where you will be flying from.

To give you a rough idea about flight times from London by helicopter a list has been compiled below based on many years of helicopter flight experience:

Flight times out of London

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For Locations in the UK

All cities in the London region, as well as most in the South East and a few in the East of England (including Reading, Oxford, Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth), can be reached within half an hour’s flight from London. The Isle of Wight is only 35 minutes from London.

For cities in the West and East Midlands, Wales, South West and East of England (including Bristol, Bournemouth, Cardiff, Birmingham and Norwich), a helicopter flight will take you between 30 minutes and an hour.

Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Plymouth and other locations in the South West, North West and Yorkshire area take between an hour and 90 minutes from London, whilst reaching the edges of Scotland or Ireland will take you around 2 hours flying time.

For Locations In Europe

Selecting the appropriate model of helicopters means you will be able to fly out of London to some areas of Europe.

Flying from London to Calais will take you about 45 minutes, whilst a flight to Brussels or Le Harve will take you around an hour. To get to Rotterdam or Paris from London, a helicopter flight will take you about an hour and a half. You can also reach Jersey or Guernsey from London by helicopter in just under an hour.

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