How to get over the fear of flying

Fear of flying is called aviophobia or aerophobia, and around 40% of the general population report a fear of flying.  2.5% of people have what is known as a clinical phobia, which means they avoid flying or do so with significant distress.  We’ve all heard from somebody “you’re more likely to die in a car accident than a plane crash”, but let’s face it, that doesn’t help.  There are many triggers for aviophobia, but whatever they may be there are many things that can help.  So, we have put together this blog on how to get over the fear of flying.  

Confront your triggers

Fear of getting onto an aircraft can come from childhood, or it can emerge from adulthood as a result of various triggering factors.  You need to figure out what it is that frightens you about flying and examine how your anxiety reaction is triggered.  The goal is to identify your triggers, which means you can manage your fear and anxiety when flying.  Once you have learned what sets you off it makes it easier to turn off.  

Control what you can

Try to control things that you have the power to.  It’s important to eliminate any other sources of stress, for example missing your flight.  This is a source of anxiety that can be easily prevented.  Prepare well in advance, give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and pack your luggage appropriately.  This means you don’t have the stress of missing the flight or worrying that you’ve forgotten something.  Perhaps you could book a chauffeur service to the airport?

Learn about aircraft safety features

Helicopters are extremely complex, and unless you’re an expert, very hard to fully understand.  You may take some comfort from learning about the various features that aircraft possess in order to withstand emergencies.  It may sound counterintuitive, but learning about previous aviation incidents actually might help you feel more at ease on a flight.  If you educate yourself, you will be able to see what went wrong, why it went wrong, but most importantly, how the industry has changed to prevent such an incident from happening again.  This may help your anxiety when flying.  Flying with Atlas means you’ll have an expert in the pilot’s seat whose number one priority is your safety.

Separate fear from danger

Many people find it difficult to separate fear from danger, which is understandable because your body reacts in the same way to both emotions.  You need to tell yourself that your fear is anxiety.  Recognise that your anxiety makes your frightening thoughts about flying feel more likely to happen, and remind yourself that just because you’re feeling anxious and scared doesn’t mean that you are in danger.  You are safe even when you’re feeling extreme anxiety.  

Charter a private helicopter

Chartering your own helicopter can be a better alternative for a number of reasons.  It reduces check-in time and security check time, which will help with getting rid of any nervous flight build up.  Not to mention that there are no strangers or large crowds!  One of the best things about chartering a helicopter is that you can have conversations with your pilot and our expert operations team!  They are always happy to talk you through guidelines and answer any questions you may have which creates a more peaceful place for you to enjoy the flight and ultimately conquer your fear of flying.  

If you would like to book a helicopter charter, or if you just have some questions for us, contact us here, we are more than happy to help! 

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