Take A New Look at Europe

No matter how you feel about Europe, it isn’t going away, and if you thought Brexit was a new sugar-free breakfast cereal, then think again.


It’s the topic of the moment – British voters deciding whether they want to exit the European Union.

When we will have a chance to cast our vote on the nation’s future in Brussels is uncertain. The Prime Minister vowed to hold a referendum before the end of 2017, but the smart money’s on June this summer

What this all adds up to is a generation-defining moment about our relationship with Europe. The debate has started already, and over the coming months, there is sure to be more high-powered rhetoric about what will happen in the event of either outcome.

Europe from a Different Angle

At Atlas Helicopters, we know whether Britain stays or quits the European Union, access to the continent will remain as quick and easy as ever.

Europe will remain the principle place to do business, Brexit or not. And as a leisure destination, there is also so much opportunity on your doorstep to choose from for that much-needed break or business meeting.

Europe is not as far away as you think. You may have seen those amazing images of Europe taken at night from the International Space Station orbiting about 200 miles above the Earth and travelling at 17,500 miles an hour with British astronaut Tim Peake aboard.

Those stunning photographs were taken at a 90-degree angle looking across the English Channel, with Paris, Brussels and London all lit up like orange beacons in the star-filled night skies.

Destination Europe

That’s why we’re launching the campaign “A new look at Europe”. Turn the map 90 degrees and you can see how close we are to Europe. In fact, we are 90 minutes’ flying time to key European capitals and cities.


For example:

  • London to Calais – 45 minutes
  • London to Le Havre – 1 hour
  • London to Brussels – 1 hour
  • London to Paris – 90 minutes
  • London to Rotterdam – 90 minutes
  • London to Amsterdam – 1 hour 40 minutes

And if you fancy a quick hop to the Channel Islands, then a flight to either Jersey or Guernsey from London will take just under an hour.

Of course, the length of your helicopter journey will depend on a variety of factors, such as the model of helicopter you are flying in. And it doesn’t have to be from London, we can arrange a departure from a place close to your location: no queues, no long car trips just straight to Europe.

Make Business a Pleasure

In the end, it doesn’t matter whether it is for business or pleasure, it doesn’t matter whether Britain chooses to stay in the EU or out, Europe will remain the destination of choice for Atlas customers.

Whether you are heading to Amsterdam or Brussels for a critical business meeting or perhaps a break-out business day. Whether you intend to spend a romantic weekend in Paris or taking a relaxing break on the Channel Islands, then think Atlas Helicopters.


With our modern and luxurious fleet of helicopters, unrivalled first-class service, along with those little extras such as onboard catering and chauffeured transfers at your destination, Atlas Helicopters is a business you can rely on.

So, can we count on your vote?!

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