Dressing for a Goodwood Revival Arrival

Along with the classic cars and flying machines Goodwood Revival is the perfect opportunity to put together a truly sensational vintage outfit. The whole day is like being on a film set and if you are arriving by helicopter you’ll want to look the part as soon as your step out of the aircraft.

If you’re stuck for ideas, or just can’t decide on a single outfit, here are a few classic vintage looks that you can adapt for yourself…

1: Smart Cookie (below left)

Tucking a neatly-pressed blouse into a smart skirt is a classic vintage look, and incredibly versatile. A bold skirt suit with white gloves and a pillbox hat evokes the spirit of Jackie Kennedy; whilst a pussy-bow blouse and a long, light skirt was how Audrey Hepburn wore this look in Roman Holiday.

2: Rockabilly Girl (below right)

Cause a stir in a colourful prom dress and bright beads, or channel your inner Pink Lady in a tight sweater (cashmere of course) and capri pants. A head scarf and a pair of cat-eye sunglasses are the cherry on top of this simple yet eye-catching look.


3: All Dolled Up (below left)

The most flattering style of dress known to womankind, the quintessential 50s dress hugs the upper body and billows out at the skirt, giving a dramatic swish on the dancefloor or -as Marilyn Monroe discovered- an air vent. Pair it with an extravagant wide-brimmed hat for an outfit guaranteed to turn heads, or go full-on Breakfast at Tiffany’s with pearls and long gloves.

4: Society Belle (below right)

Fur -real or fake- adds a touch of class to any outfit, whether it’s a full-length coat or just a fur collar. Victory-rolled hair and scarlet lips give this look the perfect finish, and an antique brooch takes it up to eleven.

It’s not just the ladies that have the pick of the crop when it comes to vintage fashion, there’s plenty for the gentlemen too!


5: Class Act (below left)

A pinstripe suit and fedora make for a classic combination, as proven by icons like Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant. For maximum effect, wear with shiny dress shoes- and be sure to always have a scotch on the rocks in your hand!

6: King of the Mods (below right)

The trick to mastering the mod look is to go for out-of-the-ordinary colours and prints. This can be a subtle navy and white stripe, or a daring red gingham number- the choice is yours! Alternatively, you could liven up a more conservative suit with a paisley cravat or a pair of black and white bowling shoes, adding a splash of excitement without going overboard.


As the possibilities are endless it’s sometimes difficult to know what to wear but no matter where you live, there’s almost guaranteed to be a vintage boutique or fancy dress shop tucked away nearby, an ideal place for taking these ideas and turning them into a classic Goodwood look.

All that’s left is to make the perfect entrance with an Atlas Helicopter charter. We can pick you up for any location, even your lawn. Call the office now on 01256 635000 or use the form below. A flight into Goodwood is the perfect way to start the Revival.

We’ve also blogged about Classic hairstyles for Goodwood Revival and you can read that guest blog here.

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