Doing Business in 2012 – Helicopter Charter: A viable travel alternative

With the ‘Doom-Mongers’ and International Press all stating that economies in 2012 willbe even further squeezed than in 2010 & 2011, there is no better time than to gain that all-important edge over your competitors by using your valuable time more effectively and productively.

The CBI state ‘road and rail delays in the UK cost the economy in the region of £20bn per year’.

Helicopter charter is now used by many large conglomerates and SME’s alike as a viable
travel alternative gaining that valuable edge over their competitors./

Whether used as a business travel tool or as a way of entertaining those all important clients, any advantage over your close competitors in gaining valuable new business is vitally important.

Speed And Comfort

Helicopters are the fastest means of ‘Point to Point’ travel over distances of less than 400 miles. A deal can be secured in the morning and we can have you back in the office in the afternoon to celebrate.

Why not impress your valued client base with a helicopter flight to a popular sporting or outdoor event such as the Cheltenham Festival, British Grand Prix or the London Boat Show – making that special day out a real day to remember.

With road, rail and scheduled air travel being so unreliable, helicopters offer the ideal alternative to meet those important meetings or arrive at your chosen sporting event or outdoor event on time feeling relaxed and in the right frame of mind to do business. There is nothing worse than the worry of the uncertainty of travelling by conventional means:-

  • Road and rail delays caused by road or rail works
  • Protracted airport check-in and security procedures
  • Airport delays
  • Unnecessary overnight stays

Why not consider a short-cut next time you wish to either impress a client or you have that all important business meeting but wish to guarantee getting there on time and relaxed.

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