Common misconceptions with Helicopters

There are many misconceptions with helicopters, namely:

  1. Helicopters are just for the rich and famous;
  2. Helicopters are expensive and therefore I cannot possibly afford to charter or hire;
  3. Private helicopters are owned by pretentious types;
  4. Helicopters are harmful to the environment.
  5. The Biggy……… Helicopters are Dangerous!!

All of the above misconceptions of course have logical arguments. Having been in the business for over 21 years, I think I am well qualified to know……….

  1. Helicopters are chartered and hired by just about every category of the business world and/or private individual. They are a time-saving tool as well as being a fun way to arrive at a social function or sporting event.
  2. Helicopters for business travel are not expensive compared to lost efficiency whilst spending hours in cars or on trains. Lost man hours are reduced when travelling by helicopter; you arrive refreshed for your meeting or appointment and thus are more ready for your busy schedule.

    Helicopters for private use are as common as use for business. Why spend time travelling to a social or sporting event just to waste your day in traffic? Helicopters can you have at your venue of choice in a fraction of the time taken by car or train – usually saving around 75% whilst using conventional road travel.

  3. Whilst helicopters, sports cars and motor bikes are owned by the obvious stereotypical pretentious type, the vast majority of helicopter owners are not; in fact quite the opposite. Helicopter are bought not for the prestige of owning one but for the very reasons raised above. Helicopters are bought for their time-saving qualities giving individuals a better quality of life.
  4. Helicopters of course burn fuel which produces carbon deposits into the atmosphere. Aviation within the UK however only produces 2% of the overall carbon output on an annual basis of which only 5% of the 2% can be attributed to helicopters. Many helicopter firms do offer a carbon offset scheme which many clients are prepared to pay a small supplement towards.
  5. If helicopters were dangerous?
    1. Why would helicopter manufacturers exist and remain in business?
    2. Why would anyone ever become a helicopter pilot?
    3. Why are there so many successful helicopter firms?
    4. Why would I be writing this news post? I have been a helicopter pilot for 21-years!!

To many, helicopters are a source of wonderment, whilst to others they are a common noise annoyance. To a section of the population, they are considered toys for the affluent.

Whatever your opinion towards helicopters, please do keep in mind the 5-common misconceptions. Perhaps when a helicopter operator welcomes you onboard as a valued client you will begin to understand and appreciate the advantages of helicopter travel.

Capt. Mike Burns

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