Cloud Surfing Across the UK

Speed plus convenience are the top benefits of a helicopter charter, however, once in awhile we like to sit back and admire the view.

On every flight you’ll have many once in a lifetime sights, from the sunlight bouncing off the clouds, to the beautiful, patchwork quilt that rolls beneath as you fly across this amazing land.

Get Above The Clouds

You won’t miss a thing! Our pilots will highlight any interesting landmarks or events in nature such as this towering cumulous, spotted at the end of May while surfing across a large bank of clouds.

Flying Over the UK

Another aspect of nature that looks spectacular from the ground is the UK’s amazing fauna. These Rhododendrons are on the banks of Tottiford Reservoir and can be seen when you fly across Dartmoor National Park.

Sounds Like Your Destination

Occasionally you can hear sounds. When we approach the British Grand Prix at Silverstone the roar of the cars will break through.

Recent ‘upgrades’ mean the engines are not as loud as they used to be and the cabin soundproofing is always improving, but for fans of F1 it certainly sets the heart racing when you can hear the cars see the track and it will be moments before you land amongst it.

Our exclusive VIP lounge is the first port of call and you can find out more details about it here. We also cater for aerial filming and our pilots have many years experience helping photographers and filmmakers capture just the right shot. Call the friendly Operations team on 01256 635 000 or get an instant flight cost estimate online.

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