Chartering a Helicopter for Business Travel

Atlas Helicopters offers a completely personalised service based on your itinerary. Our amazing Operations Team have over 19 years in the industry and go that extra mile to make your business journey an extremely pleasant experience. Where possible, our Operations Team will arrange for you to arrive as close to your destination as possible.

For example, if you were flying to Paris you’d land in the centre, a couple of blocks from the Eiffel Tower. Whereas with Guernsey, Jersey or Amsterdam, helicopters must use the airports. If you were going to a business meeting near Liverpool or Manchester we would aim to find a suitable landing sight close to the meeting or venue.

When this isn’t possible small airfields are used such as City Airport in Manchester. These are very friendly places, with minimal bureaucracy and your chauffeured transfer will be close to hand. Another benefit is that members of your party can be picked up en route, avoiding the need for everyone to gather in one place before departure.

Helicopter travel has become more than just an option; it’s become a necessity. When you think about how much money is wasted sitting in traffic every day, the idea of travelling by helicopter makes all kinds of financial sense.

There are many reasons why business professionals choose helicopter travel over other modes, including commercial airlines. The first reason is simply timing. Helicopters can fly at speeds of up to 170 mph while most commercial aircraft rarely exceed 200 mph on longer journeys. Chartering a helicopter for business travel also means that you avoid all those pesky items that can sour a business trip: the queues at crowded airports, lost luggage or long delays at the terminal. Private helicopter travel is also popular amongst those travelling to Europe. Flying to Europe by private helicopter means passport control is more a formality than an endurance challenge. Time is money!

The London Heliport

Accessibility is key when choosing travel arrangements for important meetings, seminars or conferences. To ensure stress-free travel and avoid time-consuming journeys, there is now the option to fly straight into the heart of London in the form of The London Heliport (previously known as Battersea Heliport). Situated on the bank of the River Thames it gives quick and easy access to the heart of The City.

Avoiding the inevitable traffic when travelling into central London allows you to arrive at your meeting relaxed and ready to perform at your best. Departure points are available across the UK, so please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements!

For all your travel needs, contact our friendly Operations Team today! Call them on 0125 663 5000 or visit our contact page here to discuss your business travel needs.

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