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History of the Agusta 109 Helicopter

Here at Atlas, we’re very proud to be able to offer our new Agusta A109E to charter. This model features a spacious interior with 5 crème leather passenger seats. As it is also quieter than most helicopters there is no need to wear headsets and with two large rear windows you are guaranteed an excellent […]

Olympic Boost for Battersea Heliport

Battersea Heliport, now known as The Barclays London Heliport is warning that landing slots for the Olympic Games in July are rapidly getting filled. Spectators and visitors looking to fly into London to avoid the queues need to book their helicopter flights sooner rather than later. Battersea Heliport is in a strong position as it […]

Common misconceptions with Helicopters

There are many misconceptions with helicopters, namely: Helicopters are just for the rich and famous; Helicopters are expensive and therefore I cannot possibly afford to charter or hire; Private helicopters are owned by pretentious types; Helicopters are harmful to the environment. The Biggy……… Helicopters are Dangerous!! All of the above misconceptions of course have logical […]

The Basic History of Helicopter Flight

Although fixed-wing aircraft receive all the attention by most historians, helicopter flight was the first flight envisioned by man. In fact, the ancient Chinese were playing with a hand-spun toy that rose upward when revolved rapidly and as early as the mid 1500’s, the great Italian Leonardo Da Vinci had used his fertile mind to […]