Beyond Helicopter Charter

We have found that over the last 14-years of operating and managing our helicopter fleet that many of our clients rely on us for matters that are not just charter-related.

Personal Assistants in particular seek our advice and opinions on many issues, assisting greatly in their busy and demanding roles of supporting their Senior Company Director(s).

Atlas Helicopters to some extent has proven itself as much a Concierge Service as that of a Helicopter Charter Specialist.

We can make your day even better...

We understand completely the demands placed on the modern-day PA and our team have attuned the operational aspects of the business to assist clients in whatever problems they need resolving.

Helicopter charter, therefore, is not just about transporting our clients from ‘Point A – Point B’. In the 21st Century, it is so much more and we are expected to offer so much more to stand out from the crowd.

Our clientele, of course, expects immaculately presented crew and aircraft – that’s a given.

However, it is the hard work of the team behind the scenes that inevitably dictates the final success of a charter. From arranging landing sites, ground transportation, hotel accommodation, meeting rooms, conference facilities, private jets, corporate hospitality packages, team building, theatre and sporting events tickets… the list is endless.

The Atlas team hard at work...

Even though every eventually is thought-through, occasionally a ‘spanner is thrown into the works’!

On one such occasion, our Ops Team during the busiest charter day of the year (F1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone) were pushed to the limit but were still able to deliver – this involved an unknown and unaccounted for 120 kgs of luggage…please read on:-


As with all busy and successful events, there are moments when your organisational creativity is stretched to the limit and for us that involved 120 kg of luggage.

It might not seem a lot, but when your helicopter already has five passengers there isn’t much room for that amount of baggage, plus the additional weight would lead to the helicopter operating out of performance criteria.

The other complication was that the party was flying from Battersea Heliport to Silverstone and then on to Heathrow, via a chauffeur-driven car, after touching down at Denham Airfield.

At moments like this Atlas’ Operations Team swings into action and once every option had been analysed, we decided the bags should be chauffeur driven to Denham, where the drivers could liaise to ensure the bags were guaranteed safe passage.

Our party could then continue their journey, knowing their luggage was being looked after and they would be reunited with it after a day of F1 entertainment.


Dedicated to Detail All the Time

After years of experience, almost any problem can be thrown at the Ops Team and they will endeavour to resolve it whilst creating minimal distress or annoyance to our clients!

Having accrued a large number of trusted associates and suppliers over the years, you can rely on the Atlas Helicopters Operations Team to deliver you the most efficient helicopter charter and Concierge service possible – thereby ensuring your life is made that little easier!

Call them today and see how they can enhance your next flight.

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