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Helicopter Buying Service Airbus H135

You’ll receive discreet and impartial advice for the purchasing of your new Airbus H135 and gain access to a bespoke management service that ensures your investment brings you many hours of flying pleasure.

Own an Airbus EC135

Having built strong contacts within the aircraft industry we can help and guide you through every step in this complex process and deliver the helicopter that matches your needs and expectations.

Atlas Helicopters has also successfully sourced and project managed several used helicopter acquisitions, through importation, refit and re-registration. Buying the correct used helicopter at the right time and right price can also lead to high-end gains.

With Atlas Helicopters you get:

  • Full regulatory compliance
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Discreet and impartial advice
  • Bespoke management service

Arrange a free consultation with Captain Mike Burns on 0125 663 5000 or use the form below.

Costs & Benefits of the Airbus H135 (formerly EC135)

With a capacity of 6-passengers with a cruising speed of 130 knots it is widely used as a Police, Air Ambulance and Charter Helicopter. Previously referred to as the EC135, the Airbus H135 replaces the outgoing AS355 series.

Own an Airbus EC135

Pre-owned aircraft will cost in the region of £2.0M – £3.0M Sterling for a 4-7 year old model possessing good component times.

Fuel endurance is subject to the number of passengers, size and quantity of luggage, but typically with 6-averaged sized passengers, a fuel endurance of at least one hour can be achieved.

Comfort – A very comfortable and quiet cabin but can be quite cosy if carrying more than 4-passengers for any duration

Luggage – capable of carrying 4-full sets of golf clubs plus luggage

Resale Value – very good but dependant upon component status.

Direct Operating Cost: – Approximately £500 + VAT per flying hour

Get a Free Consultation with Captain Mike Burns

The Buying Process

The purchasing, maintaining and operating a helicopter is not a simple operation. It is important for owners to seek professional guidance when interested in helicopter ownership.

It begins with a thorough survey, then we ensure project management is on hand to bring the airframe up to the standards of equipment fit required by the new owner and that the helicopter is ready for its intended use.

At each stage you are informed when key milestone are reached and once full regulatory compliance has been approved you’ll be invited for an inspection and first flight.

Helicopter Management

Managing the operation of a helicopter to Commercial Air Transport Standards is a complex task.

With ever-changing regulatory systems and rules, it is important for helicopter owners to place their trust in a company who can adapt to the changing faces of this aviation industry.

However, with the extensive experience and knowledge of Atlas Helicopters’ highly qualified and professional staff, you’ll find we can deliver value from owning a helicopter, by operating flexibly within the strict regulatory regime.

We also remove from owners any uncertainty and concern that may result from their lack of in-depth knowledge about aviation matters.

Flight and Customer Support

Every helicopter flight requires operational support to run smoothly and our Operations Team is experienced in every aspect of the company operations and is attuned to your travel needs and requirements.

Also on the agenda is professional and regular maintenance if your helicopter is to retain its value. When this is due Atlas’ Operations Team has access to other suitable equivalent helicopter types as and when your own helicopter is grounded for maintenance.

Arrange a free consultation with Captain Mike Burns on 0125 663 5000 or use the form above.

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